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Fertilizer And Weed Control Will Make Your Lawns Stand Out

Are you worried about the appearance of your lawn?

Is your lawn looking unhealthy with big weeds growing?

Does it seem like the grass is only greener on your neighbor's lawn?

Want to know your neighbor’s magic?

The answer is lawn fertilization and weed control/removal.Just like our bodies need to be fed, watered, and nurtured to good health, the same goes for our lawns. Your lawn is only as healthy as you love, care, and feed it.

This is why we at Precise Landscaping Services have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that your lawn is always green and healthy. And that is why our equipment goes through strict maintenance routine.

Maybe you are wondering what maintenance routine has to do with the weeds on your lawn. Well, do you know that besides sharing nutrients with your plants and flowers, if your grass is not cut with sharp blades, more weeds will grow. There will be diseases will spread more and even fungus will form. Now you get the bigger picture.  Fertilizer alone will not produce a miracle...it takes more than that. It takes knowledge and real care for your lawn.

Applying fertilizer to your lawn, controlling weed growth and making use of well-maintained equipment is the best way to make sure your lawn is always looking its best.

And while it may sound simple and easy to do, take note that the wrong timing and application of the fertilizer can ruin your efforts.

We make use of the safest fertilizer and suggest to our clients when their lawn should be fertilized, and when the weeds should be pulled out. Talking about weeds, they are not just attacking your grass but also your flower beds. The weeds became so big that to get rid of them, the landscaper you hired over sprayed weed killer that also killed your plants. We completely understand your frustration. The last thing you want to worry about is landscaping. Since you are paying for the services, the landscaper should live up to expectation, right?

But you don’t have to lift a finger to ensure you have the best lawn in your neighborhood.

You need a company that is experienced in flower bed maintenance so that your garden is always beautiful.

It is advisable that you attend to your lawn on a monthly basis to stop weeds from overtaking your garden.

And that’s why we are here.

We will schedule a monthly weed control removal so that you can check lawn maintenance off your checklist.

We are the best landscapers in Palm Beach County and known as one of the best South Florida landscape companies.

If you want to have a healthy lawn that is as soft as your pillow, you can count on us.

We keep our word and will show you why we are one of the most preferred landscaping companies around.

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We offer more than just lawn fertilization expertise:

  Slow-Release Fertilization 

Our fertilizers slow-release nutrients to ensure your lawn is sustained for weeks after treatment.

  Enriched Fertilizers 

Our experts use nutrient-enriched materials that are packed with vital nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen.

Lawn fertilization will:

 Prevent weed growth and stop pesky weeds from taking over your beautiful lawn. Weeds will be stopped in their track before they make a mess of your lawn.

 Ward off lawn pests like beetles and grubs from having a field day on your lawn.

 Strengthen your lawn’s root system, so you have green and healthy lawn all year round. Your soil will be supplied with the nutrients it needs to grow and resist harsh weather conditions.

 Leave your lawn weed-free for a healthy bed and plants to make you proud and worry-free.

At Precise Landscaping Services, we apply our 6 step fertilization process at the right time of the year so that come spring, winter, or autumn, your lawn will stand out!

Why you need to get rid of weeds:

 Weeds reduce the value of your property and can make your home appear untidy and unattractive.

 Weeds provide cover for snakes, mice, rats and other pests. Weeds grow very fast and can, therefore, turn your lawn into a bed for all kinds of unwanted pests.

Proper fertilization is essential all year round, and that is why we are always ready to offer the services at any time.

More than 10 years of experience in the Lawn Care and Landscaping Industry with a proved record and great Customer Satisfaction makes us the right Choice for your needs!

Our focus on a continuous training with the latest trends in the Lawn Care and Landscaping Industry makes us stand up over our Competition making us the best landscaping company!

We are what we are because our Clients, Our loyalty at Commitment is focused entirely on their Satisfaction no question ask. As an owner of Precise Landscaping Services, I am committed 100% to my Clients Satisfaction!

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