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15 Dec 2017

Dangers of Storm Water and What To Do In Its Aftermath

We all love water, don’t we? But when it becomes too much, it can become a disaster. No one prays for a storm, but like many things in life, storms can be predicted but hardly avoidable.

storm damage cleanupApart from flood water, there are other ways to get water damage in your home; two examples are groundwater and home water system malfunction. Many people believe that such water will certainly dry and go away. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. If water damage is left unattended to, and on time, it can lead to a more serious problem. And while we are talking about water damage, we will also look at some of the basic steps to take after a storm. But before then, why don’t we take a look at what will happen if you fail to clean up after a storm:

Exposure to diseases and illnesses

After a storm, there is bound to be stagnant water stuck in your lawn and environment. This is why it is very important to have a storm cleanup companiesproper drainage system in your home. But aside from that, flood water comes with some hazardous contaminants such as fungi or bacteria, chemical pollutants, toxic waste, and sewage.

Faulty plumbing leakages may not be so pleasant but there is no way to compare it with storm or flood water that is dirty and nasty at the same time. Even if you decide to wait it out and allow the water to dry on its own, it will take a long time to evaporate. And when that happens, you will be left with waste that can expose you and your family to danger.  So, you should definitely think of storm cleanup and storm cleanup companies like Precise Landscaping Services in such situations.

Reduce your property’s curb appeal

There is no way your home will retain an impressive curb appeal if you leave stormwater unattended to. The untreated water damage will spell doom when you want to put your property up for sale. Only a few people will be interested in buying your land and at a price, you sure won’t be happy with. And not just that, when you have guests over, they will be able to tell that there is a residue of stormwater that wasn’t attended to. There is certainly nothing to gain by avoiding storm cleanup.

A home for bugs, insects, and fungus

storm bugs insectsStagnant water is the perfect place for insects to hatch their eggs. When hatched, they spread bacteria and diseases. The stagnant water creates a conducive atmosphere for mildew and mold to spread as it evaporates. There is no way to prevent them from building a nest in your home and spreading diseases to other parts of your home.    

Weak walls and floors

The worst thing that can happen to your walls and floors is to be exposed to stagnant water. It’s even worse if the floor and wall are made of wood. Your walls and floors will slowly absorb the water leaving room for mold to grow. You will be exposing your home to structural risk.

Don’t ever waste time in storm damage cleanup after a storm.

Risk of electrical faults and electrocutiondangerous storms

Water and electricity do not go well together. Electrical wiring, fuse boxes, or any other outlets, when exposed to water, can expose you to risk of electrocution. Even after a storm cleanup, make sure you call a professional to check that everything is working properly and no wire is exposed.

Now that we have taken some time to explain some of the dangers of not attending to stormwater, it’s time to see what you should do in the aftermath of a storm:

Think of Safety First

It is advisable to shut off the power supply to the house when dealing with stormwater. You can never be too careful. And if you choose to switch off the outlets instead, you might forget one or two power outlets.  Also, there could still be power left in the outlets that you switched off. The best option is to turn off the power supply from the control switch.

Why this is important is because stormwater may soak through your floor to the wall and reach the electrical wiring. And if you notice broken pipes, shut off the water supply and avoid using sewage for a while, especially if it appears plugged.

Document the damage for the insurance companyroof damage insurance claim

It is advisable you get to safety first in the event of a storm. But if and when you eventually get safe access to your property, try to take pictures of the damage as much as you can. This will serve as proof that you can present to your insurance company. You will do well to take an inventory of the exterior as well as the interior part of your property. Depending on the insurance policy, you may have to consult with them to send a professional to take note of the ruins also.

Repair the roof

While planning to clean up the storm, don’t forget to fix the roof (if affected) since it will prevent further stormwater from getting into your home. You should have your roof inspected and repaired in time to have one less thing to worry about.

Get help from professionals

There are a lot of risks associated with cleaning up after a storm. Your best bet would be to get the help of professionals that are good at what they do to help you out. These companies already know the dangers involved and have gone through training to be able to tackle it.

storm cleanup companiesDo not neglect the amount of damage that a brief storm can do. But with the timely intervention of professional storm cleanup companies like Precise Landscaping Services, you will be able to save a lot.

We will swing into action with our disaster recovery team to give you a storm cleanup and lawn care service that will have your lawn looking as good as new.

Whether it is for West Palm Beach lawn service, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter you will only receive the best services from us.

15 Dec 2017

The Beauty of using Rocks and Stones for Landscaping

Rock or stone landscaping is a popular technique that many homeowners choose for beautifying their homes. It is one of the best landscaping rock near meways to create a curb appeal for your property. Rocks and stones can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to landscaping. Think of using them as large stand alone or to even more practical purposes like inorganic mulch or for drainage, the list is endless.

Some refer to it as “hardscaping” and it blends into attractive and natural looking composition. In recent times, there are different creative ways to use stone and rock for landscaping. It is very common to see stacking stones that are used to create a waterfall landscape around a pond that has an opening for pump water to pass through. You will hardly run short of rock landscaping ideas.

Also, rock landscaping when merged with plants can be used to create the idea of the desert landscape. The stones to use in creating this are already available at your home or garden store. It is important that while selecting the rocks and stones to add to your landscape, make sure you put the color that will accentuate what you already have in your garden. To get the best colors, you can contact us to help you make the best selection.

landscape design and installation services

You should also know that river rock landscaping calls for more maintenance than other means of landscaping. Whether you are making use of large or small stones for landscaping, they all need mowing from time to time.

You should also consider that there will be a need to remove shoots that grow in between the rocks. But that is not a real problem since there are not-so-harmful herbicides that can be spread to discourage the shoots from growing. However, river rocks call for caring, cleaning, replacement, and reconstruction occasionally.

What to Consider First

When considering using a rock for landscaping in your home, you should think about your existing garden and home. And then there are questions you should answer first before proceeding. Some of the questions are: Is the current situation limiting my options?

Does my garden, building and surrounding already have too many textures, patterns, and colors?

Do I already have stones in my yard?boulder rock landscaping

What combination of textures and colors works best?

From experience, we know that it is best to keep things as simple as possible. That means using the same type of stones and rocks all through. You can also make some variations with stones that complement such as Riverstone, Cobbles, stone fines and glacial. It is helpful to put into consideration what you want your rock landscaping to look like some years from now.

Ways you can use Rock and Stones for Landscaping:

Physical changes

Rocks and stones are one of the best things to use to change the physical outlook of your garden and for home improvement. With building or individual stones, you can create instant height. And if you need to soften a change in level or terracing a block, stones come in very handy.  And if mulch installation cost is too high for you, you can use rocks instead. When you stack stones, you will be able to create an area for a well-drained garden bed. This type of wall is perfect for trailing vines and flowers for that eye-catching effect. 


Florida landscaping servicesYou can achieve different results using various surfaces of rocks. For instance, variations in limestone and granite can create beautiful shadows. Smooth river stones usually give a warm glow. If you want to create small spotlight underneath that will give a subtle glow, heaps of smaller stones will help you achieve that. Large individual stones can be used to reflect light.


One of the things that every homeowner should consider when searching for companies that offer organic lawn care services and landscaping services is if they create drainages. Without it, your lawn can be waterlogged and a breathing ground for pests and diseases. Smaller stones and pebbles can be used to create drainage. They are better options to use where there are run-off areas.

Water features

What better way to increase the effect of water and create a natural backdrop than with stones? You can use different stones to rock landscaping ideasachieve different looks. Craggy, large rocks are perfect for creating waterfalls. This is more common in native gardens. Smoother smaller stones work well for recreating creeks and river beds. Do note that the true color of stones is strengthened when wet.

If you want to encourage the growth of lichen and moss, you should opt for weathered stone with irregular edges and crevices. When you place these stones in a damp part of your garden, it will encourage moss to grow.


If you want playground rubber mulch installation or playground mulch installation but without using mulch materials that aren’t organic, river stone, limestone, and gravel will serve as better options. But it is important to consider first if your existing area will work with your choice of mulch. Limestone works great around succulents, but it will not suit camellias or azaleas because of its alkalinity.

Individual features

west palm beach landscapingYou can come up with great landscaping ideas using large feature stones. They can serve as a permanent base for your garden. It’s also great for providing an enduring starting point. If you want something with a strong influence on your space, think of stones. Whether it is for the front yard or rock garden, they won’t feel out of place.

Small gardens

When offering organic lawn care services to our clients, we realize that many of them want to have small gardens. We can use small stones in containers to build stone walls. With good preparation, flagstones can be used for pathways. Planters that contain succulents and stones need very little maintenance.

Attracting butterflies

Don’t you just love it when there are butterflies in your garden? Stones soak up the sun’s warmth which is why butterflies choose it as basking spots. You can place flat stones in places that do not have tree branches overhanging.

For West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Palm Beach landscape, or simply looking for mulch and stones installation near me, Precise Landscaping Services has all you need.

We will help you create a perfect garden and landscape with rocks. Get in touch with us today.

14 Dec 2017

Is Mowing Your Lawn Really Cheaper Than Hiring Someone To Mow Your Lawn?

As a homeowner, you may have probably thought of mowing your lawn yourself. Even if you have been hiring someone to do it, you may have considered saving that money and getting your hands dirty for once. You are certainly not alone on that. There are a lot of people thinking about that as well.

And there is a lot of reasons you may have thoughts of taking it upon yourself to mow your lawn. Maybe you just retired from your lawn care services cost9-5 job and are running short of funds to keep paying for the services of a landscaping maintenance company. Or you feel you have more free time to dedicate to your lawn.

You are truly justified in this line of thought, but before you take the decision of ruling out the services of local lawn care services, let’s see what is at stake and if it is indeed a wise decision to do so.

A recent study done by researchers shows that an average person spends almost 1248 days (that is about 3 and a half years) on lawn cutting, lawn care, grass cutting, and general yard maintenance. This could have been used to do better things, or at least spend time with family.

Besides that, there are other things we have to consider. The time one spends on mowing the lawn, the cost of purchasing lawn mowing tools. And when you have purchased the tools, you have to factor in the cost of maintaining the tools.

lawn maintenance west palm beachOne more thing, there are inherent dangers associated with taking care of the lawn that you may not already be aware of.

Perhaps, a breakdown of what it takes to cater to your lawn maintenance will help you make up your mind:

High cost – The first thing we should consider is the amount of money you will probably spend purchasing and maintaining lawn mowing equipment. We checked out what it would cost to get the needed equipment and to start with, you will need to pay $1,500 for a riding mower, $150 for a blower and $100 for a weed eater. This cost is just to get a few of the available tools and not inclusive of what you will spend to maintain, buy gas, or repair the equipment. We arrived at the total price of $1,750 to be able to get the equipment.

Let’s say you mow your lawn for an average of 30 times in a year, which will amount to $36 per cut. To mow half an acre, cost of lawn care serviceslandscaping companies charge roughly $45 on average. This means that for a homeowner to mow or cut his property grass will cost $1080 for a year. And then, choosing Precise Landscaping Services your Lawn Care West Palm Beach, or any other company close to you that is into lawn maintenance will cost you $1,350 for a year. That means that all you were able to save for that year by mowing your lawn yourself is $270 for a year.

At that rate, it means that it will take about 7 years before you can get the money back you paid for the mowing equipment. And if along the line, one of the tools becomes faulty, that would call for more money in repairing it. And this is not inclusive of the gas you need to power some of the tools. 

In view of this, are you really, truly saving money?

Don’t you think that what you save in a year ($270) isn’t worth the time you put in?

You sure would have made more money if you had put that time into something more rewarding. It sure would have been wiser to consider lawn care services prices or Precise Landscaping lawn maintenance West Palm Beach than doing it yourself.

lawn care services in my areaPerhaps it’s time you check out lawn care services in my area or lawn care services near me, to begin with. Or you can give Precise Landscaping Services a call today for the best rates.

Less free time – Surely you won’t have as much free time as you ought to have if you were to hire professional lawn maintenance agents. Let’s say you make enough money that you won’t need the extra time to make more money, what about other things you could do? Things like hiking, parasailing with friends and family will pay off better. Don’t you think so?

The 3 and a half years that you need to mow your lawn equates to over 29,953 hours. And it has been proven that an average person requires more than 10,000 hours to master a trait or skill. So, the time it will take you to master 3 different traits is what you put in to master the art of mowing. Exposure to harm – Do you know that mowing exposes people to unwarranted harm on daily basis? lawn care services prices

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that 80,000 people get admitted and treated for emergency as a result of injuries sustained from this practice yearly.

Lawn equipment such as weed eaters, mowers, mulchers, and hedge clippers are known to be some of the most dangerous tools that one can have at home. Think about the harmful fumes, flammable gas, and sharp blades that move at over 200 mph. All this is enough to put you or your household in harm’s way.

Should we also talk about sun radiation that impacts your skin negatively and exposes you to skin diseases and even skin cancer? There really isn’t much to gain when you consider all the things we have listed so far.

Lose out on professional touch - When you decide to hire experienced lawn care service providers, who are also into lawn fertilization and weed control removal, your lawn will receive professional touch. Such professionals like Precise Landscaping Services spend thousands of dollars on mowing tools so as to give a homeowner quality service.best lawn care services

These tools are more sophisticated and will yield better results that will last than when you use your personal tools. Besides, these professionals have an eye for turning a poor looking lawn into a great looking one. Having presented these points, there is really no point in mowing your lawn by yourself. It is obviously not cheaper to do so than to hire the services of professionals. And if you are need of landscape design, maintenance, mulch installation or mulch delivery and installation, weed control services, or any lawn maintenance service, you can always count on us to deliver. 

13 Dec 2017

Why you Need Flower Bed Maintenance for Winter

With the winter season already upon us, you may be tempted to forget about caring for your flowers, lawn, and shrubs. Winter season can take a toll on your plants, lawn and all green growing things in your home.

If you already haven’t done something, this is the best time to start.local lawn care services

Some homeowners fail to take care of their property during winter. The result is usually counterproductive. The homeowner will end up spending about double the price it would have taken for flower bed maintenance.  But will also spend a lot of money replacing most of the damaged flowers and plants.

This may not be the best time to check the cost of lawn care services. This is because your flower bed, plants, grass and trees need utmost care this season.

And this is the only way to ensure that your plants and lawn are ready for winter. You will feel the effect all through winter into the next season.

So, are you ready to give your lawn, flower beds, and trees the tender loving care they deserve?

Let’s take a look at how you can get your plants ready starting with the grass


We will begin with what your grass needs to undergo to maintain its liveliness. To prepare your grass, here’s what you need to do:


The first thing you need to do to your grass and lawn is to aerate it. The purpose for this is to loosen up the soil that is already west palm beach landscaperscompacted. Aerating the soil means poking small holes into the soil, or in this case, your lawn. By doing so, you will create an avenue for the soil to get water, fertilizer, and air. When you do this, the roots of your plants will receive strength. You will then end up with a healthier lawn and flower bed ready for winter.

Seeding and Feeding

Your plants need this very important process. It’s time to apply grass seed and fertilizer, especially while the soil still has some warmth. This will give it enough room to establish strong roots. 

This fertilizer will prepare the roots of your plants and flower bed. It’s ideal for the root of your lawn to grow as much as it can before winter sets in full force. Another role fertilizer plays is that it replaces nutrients that were lost during the hot weather.

One more cut

Since we are in the last part of the year, it is important that professionals mow your lawn. Precise Landscaping Services will drop the mower decks on your grass by a half inch. This is the preferred mowing height so as to get a closer cut. What it means is that your grass will remain neat and stay nice all throughout winter.

Get rid of excess leaves

lawn maintenance west palm beachIt is important that dried and overgrown leaves on your lawn are nowhere in sight. All the remaining leaves on your grass or lawn need to be cut off with a mulching mower. After that, the flower bed will be ready for winter. With that, your property and lawn will be free from any unappealing leaves. We can provide you with this service to make things easier for you.

Mulching is not for your lawn and property to look pretty and tidy alone. It also shreds the leaves into tiny pieces and in turn, goes back into the soil to serve as beneficial nutrients.

If it is not attended to, a thick layer of leaves will form on the grass. This will block sunlight and oxygen that your turf is very much in need of.   

This thick layer will harbor pests and encourage diseases.

Flower beds

Your flowerbeds may already have fading flowers because of summer. But do not worry. We will replace the fading flowers with theflower bed maintenance bright cheer of violas and pansies. These flowers are able to withstand the cold shivers of winter. They also look even more beautiful come spring.

What we do in this instance is to help remove old mulch on your lawn that has thinned and faded. We will then add a fresh layer which adds more beauty to your property. This process will protect your plants during the winter period.

And we can stop deer from trespassing on your property. We will protect your property from deer by spraying a safe deer repellent.


Before winter sets in fully, you need to prune your shrubs one last time. By doing so, they will stay healthy and pretty all through the season and into spring.


We have talked about pruning your flowerbeds and grass. Another important thing that needs pruning is your trees. It’s important Florida landscaping servicesthat you prune and also thin tree branches before winter sets in with full force. It is very risky to have damaged or frail tree branches hanging on during winter. Once such branches are coated with heavy ice, the chances of it toppling over increases. So, to avoid having such accidents in your home, think of preventive measures.

If you are in need of hedge and tree trimming services, Contact Us today.

Salts applied for ice management could pose a threat to your trees. This is especially true if your trees are near streets, driveways or parking lots. For this, we make use of a natural compound that guards the tree’s root system against absorbing this salt.

Let Precise Landscaping Services help you out

Now that you have learned all you need to know to prepare your plants and flowerbeds for winter. You don't have to lift a finger to achieve this. Let us handle the job for you. We have the knowledge and skills to seed, feed, prune, plant, mulch, and mow to get your lawn ready for winter.lawn care services in my area

We are the best landscape service providers in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. Need a Florida landscape company or Florida landscape companies that will cater to your lawn and landscape needs?

Give us a call today at (561)-619-1186 to begin

09 Dec 2017

Ways Organic Lawn Care Services Benefits You and Your Family

The first thing visitors notice about your home is its architectural beauty. You know, the layout, the design, the painting, and so forth. But then, just after that, the next thing they check out is your lawn. They want to know if it is vibrant green and tidy.

organic lawn care services

Your lawn speaks volume about your personality. Regardless of the size, people tend to make the first impression based on how much care you give to your lawn. And then if you have lushly landscaped grounds to go with it, then your taste and appreciation for nature will not be in doubt.

But beyond all that appearance, there is another major thing you should worry about. And that is the health of your lawn. It doesn’t matter if you use what you think is the best chemical to make your lawn appear healthy. Or you spend time getting rid of clippings and dead leaves that are spread all over the place. Maybe even have the best sprinkler installed; you will only be scratching the surface.

Your lawn may have a beautiful appearance, but deep down the roots aren’t happy with you. What your lawn needs are organic care and not artificial and chemical care.

lawn care services near me

There are many reasons why you need lawn care services. The major reason is that of the health benefits it portends for you and your family.

Here are other reasons you need to consider organic lawn care for your lawn:

A healthy family

When you make use of standard lawn care, you will be exposing your kids, pets and yourself to chemicals. Some of them are pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers whenever they play at the backyard oasis. The reason is that these chemicals are applied to the grass, the soil, and foliage most of the time.

But with organic lawn care, you wouldn’t have to worry about such chemicals and the dangers they pose to your health and that of your family. Organic lawn care will also correct any underlying issue in the soil. For the best lawn care services cost look no further than Precise Landscaping Services for the best rates.

best lawn care services

Encourages family outdoor activities

The time your family spends together is the time to bond stronger. And most families spend weekends hanging out in the backyard with foods, drinks, friends, and family. If your backyard is not in a good shape, you certainly won’t be proud to host any outdoor activity. You will end up looking for someone to invite you and your family to theirs.

There is no reason why you should hold off fixing your lawn anymore. Making use of organic lawn care will ensure that your lawn is at its optimal health. And you, your family and pets will live happily ever after. You can also contact us for landscape design and installation services for that perfect landscape.

Saves you money for maintenance

When you get something right the first time, you end up saving money that would have been spent on re-fixing the same issue over and over again. It is the same with going for organic lawn care as against standard lawn care. With standard care, you get to spend more money trying to make your lawn look its best every time.

lawn care services prices

But with organic lawn care, your lawn will take over from you in keeping itself vibrant and healthy. Do note, however, that it might take your soil and lawn sometime to adjust to the organic lawn care. Your lawn may have more weeds at first, but in a little while, it will adjust. You will be left with an almost maintenance-free lawn.

Optimal grass health

If you feed your grass with healthy food than with chemical food, it most certainly will be happy and always in good health. Organic care will balance the soil pH, nurture the roots, and provide the grass with beneficial nutrients. New Jersey Department of Environment Protection said that one of the ways to provide nutrients for your soil is by leaving grass clippings behind after mulching.

Improves the environment

Your first priority when getting organic lawn care services is to make sure you and your family are healthy. But the good news is that when your lawn is healthy, not only are you and your family healthy. The environment will be healthy too. The runoff and streams will have less chemical to contend with after a heavy downpour. The air will be purer for us all to breathe.

If everyone should opt for organic lawn care, we all will have a better environment to serve us for a longer period to come. Standard lawn care should only be used as a last resort and not the final solution. And if you need help with how to go about it, you can contact us today.

lawn maintenance west palm beach

We also carry out landscape rock, lava rock landscaping, landscapers west palm beach, landscaper west palm beach, landscapers palm beach county, lake worth. Or maybe you are just looking for landscaping rock near me, we got you covered!

In essence

The whole aim of using organic lawn care is to avoid exposing your lawn to chemicals. It is a step towards having a healthy lawn. Root stimulation, soil aeration, and natural grass mulch help to restore your lawn’s health. Other things that will help you achieve this is by using native plants and shrubs, integrated pest management, and thatch removal.

It is always advisable to give your soil and grass nutrients through natural means. And this includes leaving mulched grass clippings behind so that it will break down for the soil to absorb it. Watering deeply from time to time, planting shrubs that are suitable for your climate zone is another important to do.

Remember that Precise Landscaping Services offers you the best landscaping services that you will ever need. You will end up with a lawn that is happy with you. and your property’s curb appeal will be quite impressive.